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FM Logistic Central Europe supports the fight against COVID-19

FM Logistic Central Europe supports the fight against COVID-19


20 July 2020 - Purchase of equipment enabling distance and remote learning, supporting youths with online lessons, preparing for transport parcels for children under the #PomagamyRazem campaign rolled out in association with IKEA (Ingka Group), or finally, delivery of personal protective equipment to nearly one thousand medical professionals – these are just selected initiatives launched or joined in recent months while coronavirus pandemic lingers in our region by employees of FM Logistic CE, the leading logistic operator in the region.

“For years, our employees have been actively involved in community work and have been cultivating local social responsibility which is the part and parcel of FM Logistic’s DNA. Therefore, we got involved in volunteering initiatives, relief campaigns and began to support charity projects of our clients almost right after the outbreak of the epidemic in the region where we are present. We see it as a natural response and I take enormous pride in the unselfish and socially responsible attitude demonstrated by our employees,” said Blanka Borkowska, HR Director of FM Logistic CE.

FM Foundation supports children’s homes

FM Logistic’s corporate foundation – FM Foundation – has been operating in Central Europe since 2017. From the outset, it has been cooperating very closely with Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie (Self-Reliant Robinsons Foundation – FSR) whose mission is aligned to the statute of FM Foundation which puts the spotlight on self-reliance of young people who are bereft of their family’s support for very different reasons. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, earmarked resources from FM Foundation’s grant enabled volunteering employees to instantly arrange purchase of equipment essential for distant and remote learning during school closures, including laptops, webcams or headsets with the combined value in excess of PLN 42,000. Equipment will be donated to four special education centres which cooperate closely with FM Logistic CE platforms (Strobów, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Piotrków Trybunalski, Giżyce near Błonie) and youths from foster families covered by self-reliance programmes implemented by the partner Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie.

“We are doing our best to make a contribution to the campaign against Covid-19. We provide special care to children and youths supported by Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie,” said Artur Ciuchta, the national delegate ofFM Foundation, FM Logistic CE, who added: “In addition to material support, we offer our commitment to the neediest children and youths. A number of our employees have declared their willingness and are now providing online English language lessons for young people supported by Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie. Such initiatives are particularly commendable.”

All gestures that make a difference

FM Logistic CE continues to team up with its clients. During the rollout of #PomagamyRazem campaign masterminded by IKEA and Ingka Centres, employees of FM Logistic CE made sure that furniture, interior design products, toys and educational materials worth PLN 1.6 billion from IKEA Distribution Centre in Jarosty are ready for distribution to children’s and young adult psychiatric hospital units across Poland.

In addition, FM Logistic CE provided logistic support to initiatives undertaken by ETi European Food Industries under #wzywamyposiłki campaign and jointly delivered nearly 3 tonnes of sweets to Polish hospitals. Teamed up with its partners, FM Logistic employees have also helped pack Lorenz Snack World products and had them dispatched to infectious diseases hospitals across Poland.

Whilst supporting the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw, the company supplied ready-to-use personal protective equipment (PPE) packs featuring face masks and visors to nearly one thousand medical professional who have declared such needs to the Chamber.

FM Logistic CE is proudly supporting its clients who have been extremely keen to beef up the campaign against the coronavirus epidemic. In all warehouses in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, employees are not only working extremely hard, but they remain open to charity work by helping the company pack, store and transport goods offered as relief to people in need.

We give our heartfelt thank you to FM Logistic employees for their contribution and commitment to relief initiatives for the needy, their solidarity in challenging times and a big heart.