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FM Logistic in Wiskitki. E-commerce is all about speed and flexibility

FM Logistic platform in Wiskitki not only provides standard logistics services, but also designs tailor-made, optimised e-commerce solutions for its customers.

On January 31, 2024

In the heart of Poland, in Wiskitki, there is a state-of-the-art logistics platform ready to meet the most demanding business challenges. Its strategic location at the intersection of the A2 motorway and national road No. 50, which forms a key transport hub for the region, is just one of its advantages. It is here that FM Logistic is establishing a cutting-edge logistics hub as the central point of the supply chain in the region. With its flexible approach, optimum process automation and sustainable operation, the FM Logistic platform in Wiskitki provides customers with a real competitive advantage in e-commerce.

Responding to the dynamic expectations of the market, FM Logistic implements solutions that are key to efficient order processing in the e-commerce channel. Featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, some space is dedicated to an automated order picking area, where Locus assisting robots and automated lines work together with people to create an efficient process where goods are prepared for dispatch. As evidenced by the results, this synergy of people and technology is a game-changer in e-commerce and omnichannel service. So far, the platform’s potential has been tested by customers from the furniture, pet food, beauty and FMCG sectors, among others, but the catalogue of options is broad.

At present, the platform operates over 54,000 sqm. This space can be flexibly divided by the operator, thus adapting it to the customers’ changing needs. This is because FM Logistic (contrary to the common trend) does not rent, but owns the warehouses. As a result, customer volumes can be managed flexibly, which is particularly important at times of peak sales. It also facilitates investment and innovation in the area of automation and robotics. In keeping with the growth and increasing customer needs, there are plans to expand the platform to more than 100,000 sqm. The increased space will facilitate the handling of larger volumes and allow, if necessary, the implementation of more advanced logistics processes in terms of warehouse automation or transport systems. 

Thanks to its location and extensive facilities, FM Logistic’s platform in Wiskitki enables customers to fully exploit their market potential. The key to success is that the level of automation is matched to the customers’ needs; according to experts, the trick is not to innovate, but to implement those solutions that actually make a difference. This has been proven by e-commerce and omnichannel businesses dealing with precise and fast order processing in cooperation with the operator. With its customer-focused strategy, the FM Logistic becomes a partner that not only provides standard logistics services, but also designs tailor-made, optimised solutions for its customers, enabling them to achieve maximum efficiency and competitive advantage in the market. 

FM Logistic has committed to sustainable development and reducing the environmental footprint of its operations as part of its Supply Change strategy and the Powering 2030 plan. The operator has been consistently implementing good practices aimed at, for instance, saving potable water or achieving energy efficiency in its facilities. The project in Wiskitki has also been developed along these lines. In support of this, the project has been submitted for certification in two key systems: LEED v4 for sustainable and green buildings and BREEAM, one of the world’s most important building certifications. 

While the platform in Wiskitki is just one of FM Logistic’s numerous investments in Poland, it perfectly showcases the company’s priorities. This is because all the operator’s activities focus on genuinely supporting customers in achieving their goals.

The technologies involved, operations carried out and value-added services are all tailored precisely to the needs. This strikes a balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness and positively impacts customers’ business. 

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