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    CO2 reduction thanks to our pooling solution

The transport of goods is a challenge for product companies and retailers. Climate change is putting pressure on the whole supply chain and in particular on the issue of transport. Digitalisation and AI open up a whole set of solutions to optimise the flow of goods, while saturation of transport infrastructure and the rise of last mile delivery trigger the need for alternative models.

Since 1967, FM Logistic has been designing freight and transport solutions to support the development of seamless omnichannel supply chains. That’s why we offer a wide range of transport services: ground transportation, air and sea, and last mile delivery. We leverage the power of digital and AI, multimodal transportation solutions, to enhance end-to-end omnichannel supply chain and transform them into a more agile, resilient and sustainable asset for your business. Our transport solutions cover your entire supply chain, from inbound to outbound logistics, and can be combined with our contract logistics activities.

Let’s deliver positive impacts for transport solutions

There is not one solution, it has to be a combination of alternatives.
This is why we monitor the impact of our customers’ transport, with reliable data on CO2 emissions and air pollution to identify the best mix of transport combinations… We are working with partners to propose alternative energy sources for transport solutions. Finally, we are investing in the future of transport, particularly in hydrogen, by working on developing a green hydrogen infrastructure on our sites to promote the emergence of long-distance hydrogen transport solutions.

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Gain better control and visibility over your supply chain thanks to our technologies

At FM Logistic, we care to always offer to our customers the best solutions available on the market. That’s why we design and set up innovative solutions leveraging the best partners and technologies. With that in mind, we provide you with real-time visibility on shipments and overall data collection & consolidation through the deployment of:

  • Transport Management System (TMS) allowing us a 360° view of orders;
  • Track & Trace which allows our customers to localise in real-time their goods from distribution centres to delivery points;
  • GPS or sim-tracking as an enabler to feed data from carriers into our Track & Trace and TMS systems;
  • Digitalised transport processes, optimising transport planning (including order splitting, routing, mode and carrier selection, and consolidation).
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Reduce your transport carbon footprint

With our wide range of transport services and our calculator, we can simulate the shipment with different means of transport. Using the results of the calculator, we can combine or select the right means to reduce your footprint. As a logistics and freight provider, we understand your needs and adapt to them. Whether it’s a single transport solution or a multimodal solution, we help you reduce your carbon footprint and give you a competitive advantage.

Our transport solutions are based on continuous innovation. To this end, our last mile solution offers our customers different types of transport that can contribute to a greener impact on the environment. For example, for last mile delivery, we evaluate with our clients the best green fleet solutions according to their needs (type of vehicles – electric, H2, biofuel, flexible, multimodal – depending on the routes).
Do you want to optimise your delivery costs? Through pooling, we can help you increase the frequency of your deliveries by grouping deliveries from different customers on the same route.

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Improve the performance of a multi-leg, multi-region and multi-modal transportation

Our wide range of transport solutions offers not only national transport services but also extensive international coverage: FM Logistic operates in more than 33 countries and we deliver to over 60 countries between Europe and Asia. From start to finish, we organise your transport and implement the perfect solution to meet your needs (overland, air and sea, FTL, LTL, long-haul transportation, small parcel).

We team up with our customers to create synergies through our pooling solutions. We work with a network of long lasting trusted local and international experts to organise your shipments. To ensure the best possible service and maximum reliability for our customers, we set up a high level quality selection and continuous improvement plans for our partners. Flexibility with scalability, efficiency and sustainability: that’s how we see the logistics of tomorrow.

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Involve transport providers in health and safety prevention

Our health & safety commitment is designed to guarantee safety: everywhere (roads & platforms) and for everyone (drivers, road users, platform workers). This is why the commitments also extend to our transport partners.

Discover our health & safety policy for transport providers.

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Interested in Transport solutions?

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