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FM Logistic handles export transport from Poland to Germany, as well as import orders from Germany to Poland. We also handle transport of goods from Germany to European Union countries, as well as from EU territory to Germany. 

We perform deliveries efficiently and on time.

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Safe and controlled goods transport

The FM Logistic fleet, consisting of over 500 trailers, is equipped with modern telematics to control all transport parameters, starting from tire pressure measurement to cargo and refrigeration unit parameters. Our customers have the ability to track shipments in real-time, which means they know their status and can therefore manage their logistics more efficiently. We successfully perform transport for many industries, including FMCG, food, pharmaceuticals, and the fashion sector. We tailor our offering depending on the type of goods transported, delivery time, and customer preferences. We handle both individual orders and regular lines.

Daily, direct connections

Our competitive advantage is the ability to deliver on time. Thanks to regular lines, we provide smooth connections, which helps optimise logistics operations. We understand that not all transport needs can be met with standard schedules, so we offer on-demand distribution to Germany. 

We carry out approximately 1000 transports between Poland and Germany monthly. We deliver to all regions of Germany. Additionally, we offer cabotage transports within Germany. 

Time and resource savings through value-added services

We have a fleet for controlled temperature transport, including vehicles with two refrigeration chambers. This allows us to transport goods that require different temperatures simultaneously.

We provide standby-trailer service. This involves leaving a trailer at the customer’s site, which is often loaded at non-standard hours and picked up within a designated time window. Such solutions are ideal for the fashion sector, where orders come in around the clock.  The service ensures load optimisation and speeds up delivery to stores.

In the case of e-commerce handling, which is particularly sensitive to delivery timeliness, we often use double crews. Our team consists of experienced international freight forwarders. We handle orders in German, English, Italian, French, Hungarian, and Ukrainian languages.

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