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One million square meters of warehouse space is already working for FM Logistic customers in Central Europe

One million square metres – this is the amount of space FM Logistic currently has at its disposal in Central Europe. The intensive development of both the company’s…

On May 30, 2023

One million square metres – this is the amount of space FM Logistic currently has at its disposal in Central Europe. The intensive development of both the company’s warehousing and transport activities over the last 12 months has resulted in the opening of new locations: logistics platforms and transhipment warehouses. Business growth was primarily ensured by e-commerce operations provided for new and existing customers and the development of the groupage network.

The company was able to achieve this astonishing figure of one million square meters in Central Europe thanks to both new investments in its own facilities and cooperation with developers, as well as inhouse logistics operations, i.e. in customers’ warehouses, and the intensive development of the groupage network. In this way, the warehouse space managed by FM Logistic has increased by 250,000 sq m in the last 12 months.

The turn of 2022/23 at FM Logistic was full of start-ups and the opening of new warehouses. This is the result of both extending services to our existing customers and attracting new business. A huge contribution to this is made by the development of e-commerce, as the number of orders handled by us in this channel increased year-on-year by around 40%. We have also established new partnerships with two leading pharmaceutical companies, thereby strengthening our market-leading position in the logistics of medicinal products. – says Tomasz Oczkowski, Central Europe Commercial Director, FM LogisticWe have also put great emphasis on the groupage service. In order to optimize our network of connections, we have opened several new cross-docks and invested in the modernization of our fleet, buying 100 modern trailers.

The most important and biggest investment is FM Logistic newest logistics platform in Wiskitki, on the A2 motorway between Warsaw and Łódź. The first operations started there in early 2022, but the facility is being expanded all the time. This is the provider’s second location for the pharmaceutical sector .Also here the company has launched a major project to automate warehouse processes for e-commerce using robots from Locus Robotics.

In the last 12 months, operations were also inaugurated at new facilities in Głogów and Niepołomice. In both cases, these are new regions for the company, as well as new customers from the pet food business.

FM Logistic groupage network on the other hand gained 5 new cross-docks in Central Europe. These are locations in Szczecin, Bialystok, Kraków, Wrocław and Olomouc in the Czech Republic. This way even better quality of service will be provided, enabling more connections to be launched and thus reducing delivery time.  Today, the company’s entire network of transshipment hubs in the Central European region comprises more than 65,000 sq m of space, around 2,200 cross-dock connections per month, more than 22,000 delivery points throughout Europe, almost 800,000 pallets and 155,000 shipments per month.

As part of this service, the operator also provides comprehensive pallet management, returns handling, storage and temporary buffer stock building capabilities, as well as co-packing, labelling, return packaging management services.  The company is also developing an innovative city logistics project, offering sustainable last-mile solutions.

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