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Production-related logistics – cost reduction and process optimisation

Manufacturers are increasingly appreciating the advantages offered by well-designed production-related logistics.

On February 13, 2024

Productivity, efficiency, and flexibility are essential to success in production. However, success is often hindered by a lack of adequate facilities or human resources. Therefore, manufacturers are increasingly appreciating the advantages offered by well-designed production-related logistics. This service has been successfully provided for years by FM Logistic at our platform in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

In modern production processes, the top priority is to achieve as little line stock as possible and to have materials available on time. The idea is to reduce warehouse stocks, but at the same time ensure that production runs smoothly. After all, any downtime or misdeliveries made to production lines reduce competitive advantage. As part of factory logistics, the logistics operator can manage all stages of production logistics, from components through to finished goods. This means that the operator manages two warehouses (components warehouse and finished goods warehouse) as well as the client’s production line. Components from several different factories arrive at the components warehouse.They can end up in stock or go directly to the production line, where the components are assembled.The finished product enters the second warehouse and is then shipped off.Everything happens very quickly”, explains Rafał Bezat, director of the FM Logistic platform in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. A well-developed process ensures that the right amount of material is delivered to the production line at the required time.

What factory logistics offers the manufacturer above all is enormous operational flexibility. All necessary components and semi-finished products are close to the production line. This makes it possible to react in real time to any changes and production needs. This solution speeds up operations and in addition, reduces transport costs. However, this is not all. Thanks to regular deliveries, storage space for semi-finished products for ongoing use on the production line can be optimised, resulting in lower costs for renting or maintaining space.

Moreover, cooperation between the logistics operator and the manufacturer is seamless. Depending on the needs and possibilities, the client can rent part of the space, where they will carry out the production on their own, or they can hand over the entire operation to FM Logistic. As a result, the unique, co-developed cooperation model generates optimal processes and allows maximum use of resources by both parties.

However, production-related logistics is not just about working together under the same roof. In Tomaszów Mazowiecki, a production warehouse for a neighbouring factory has been operating successfully for years.

A logistics platform operating close to production is a win-win situation. There is a constant shuttle between the warehouse and the client’s production facility, which helps to optimise the handling process, reduce time and thus costs. The swift time response  to production changes and needs, along with a reduced logistical path owing to the factory and warehouse proximity provide seamless execution, even in industries with highly dynamic production plan changes, says Rafał Bezat. Minimised transport means significantly lower costs.

Whatever form production logistics takes, people always come first. The employees of the client and FM Logistic work together as a team and are committed to performing at the highest level. This requires good communication, experience, and teamwork. Each project starts with a full review of the client’s logistics processes and a risk analysis. This approach ensures that the logistics processes are as safe and efficient as possible.

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