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Good Communication Is the Key to Success

Efficient transport in omnichannel service with limited time and access to city centres. This was the task we had to meet as logistics operator for the Groupe SEB.

On January 29, 2024

Load a truck, drive it to its destination and unload it. Many of us reduce transportation and distribution to these simple steps. The reality is that each step comes with many requirements and difficulties that a logistics operator must deal with. When the destination is a city centre shop or a shopping centre, there is an entire list of factors to consider. FM Logistic – the leader among TSL companies in Central Europe, responsible for the distribution of Tefal, Krups and WMF brand products – has to conform to these factors.

  • Groupe SEB – A leader in the industry
  • Specifics of Distribution to Shops and Shopping Centres
  • From Initial Difficulties to Successful Cooperation – Communication Is Key
  • Responsiveness, Communication, Flexibility – Qualities of a Good Operator

Groupe SEB is the world’s leading manufacturer for small domestic equipments and professional coffee machines. Products from the Group’s portfolio can be found in 150 countries around the world, including Poland. In total, appliances and accessories of as many as 35 brands originate from the Group’s factories. In Poland, the most popular are Tefal and Krups. “Sales in the country have been growing steadily since 2017. Poles are keen to choose our brands, so we can confidently claim to be a leader in the industry. We focus on the wide availability of our products. They can be purchased in-person, at both single-brand and multi-brand shops, as well as online. The Group is a leading manufacturer for coffee machines, popular among restaurants, hotels, and petrol stations,” explains Radosław Matuszewski, General Manager Poland & Baltics. For Groupe SEB, being a leader in the industry is merely a driving force for further development. According to the company’s representatives, Groupe SEB aspires to take a leading position not only in the sales of pots and coffee machines, but also upright vacuum cleaners, air fryers, and electric pressure cookers, which aren’t very popular in Poland yet.

Such a huge product range and intensive growth along with a multi-channel sales network require high efficiency and a particular focus on logistics. In this regard, Groupe SEB can count on the professional support of the leader of the TSL industry in Central Europe – FM Logistic. Distribution to shops and shopping centres is a demanding process and time is of the essence. This is because shopping centres and even local regulations explicitly state the hours at which delivery must take place.

Time is not the only issue that a logistics operator must take into account. In many cases, shops and shopping centres are located in city centres and therefore are not accessible by truck.

As Groupe SEB and FM Logistic representatives emphasise, communication is the key to success, and it all starts at the main warehouse.

As it turns out, flexibility and responsiveness as well as proactivity are the most important qualities of a logistics operator in this cooperation. “The beginnings of our cooperation were not easy. Such complex operations required getting to know each other better and clarifying many issues on the spot. However, we anticipated various difficulties when entering into a new cooperation. The most important thing is that we optimised and improved various elements on a weekly basis through effective internal and external communication, and now we are satisfied with the results,says Magdalena Wójcik.

The timing is perfect, since the end of the year is the busiest period for Groupe SEB. During high season, which starts in November, sales are up to three times higher than during the rest of the year. So it’s important, especially now, to have a logistics partner with extensive experience and know-how, who is also flexible and open to working together on partnership terms.

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