Logistics 2040. The future is coming soon.

An updated version of the foresight report, 3 years after publication. examines how the 3 visions of the world and logistics in 2040 look from today's perspective

On June 7, 2023

The growing role of logistics and transport raises many questions about the development and importance of this industry in the future. FM Logistic, together with experts specializing in strategic foresight from the company 4CF, revisits the report “Logistics 2040” looking for answers to the question: what can we do to avoid a black scenario?

The report  identifies and describes possible scenarios for the development of the logistics industry over the next 20 years based on identified megatrends: technology and artificial intelligence, ecology, globalization. This is how 3 worlds were created: Technology wins, Small worlds, Clinch.

Looking from today’s perspective – unstable both on economic and geopolitical levels – is the study still up to date? Have the trends that were previously identified as central to the logistics industry -digitization, process automation, omnichannel & urban logistics, sustainable development become outdated or irrelevant? Are there new, previously unforeseen trends or challenges that the logistics industry will be facing? Or maybe is one of the scenarios being realized right before our eyes?

A group of experts, both FM Logistic specialists and independent experts from the market shared their observations in this area.. Before each scenario,  short commentaries were added in which they refer to a given idea of the future of the industry and the world, enriched by the experience of the last 3 years. Among the speakers are: Marcin Popkiewicz, Jowita Michalska, Jacek Bartosiak.

This refreshed version of the report is still intended to inspire and help to discover new opportunities and think differently about the future.. Its aim is also to show how strategic foresight and studies on the future can support the development of enterprises.

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