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The highest level of warehousing  

One of the biggest priorities for FM Logistic's Tuchoměřice branch is the security of stored goods, including high-value goods. Since 2014 it has been TAPA FSR certified.

On June 20, 2024

One of the biggest priorities for FM Logistic’s Tuchoměřice branch is the security of stored goods, including high-value goods. As a result, since 2014 it has been TAPA FSR 2014 (Transported Asset Protection Association – Facility Security Requirements) certified at the highest possible level, Class A. Further support for FM Logistic’s customers is provided by the multi-customer branch in Jirny. Both of these warehouses are conveniently located close to the capital city of Prague.

The FM Logistic branch in Tuchoměřice is located 8.5 km from Prague’s Václav Havel Airport, where goods transported by air arrive in a very short time. It also operates a railway siding with a loading ramp. The undeniable advantage of rail transport is its high loading capacity, which makes it possible to transport large volumes of goods. The TAPA FSR Class A certification guarantees the highest security standards for the storage of goods. The security of high-value, theft-prone goods is one of the biggest challenges throughout the supply chain. 

 Obtaining a TAPA FSR places high demands on the company and its employees

The standard focuses on the mechanical side of building protection, such as fences or materials used for the building envelope, as well as electronic protection, which includes CCTV systems, electronic security systems or electronic access systems.
And last but not least, on the company’s process set-up. TAPA FSR, for example, has specific requirements regarding hiring and how employees operate within the company,
explains Jiří Svoboda, Quality & Security Manager FM Logistic Tuchoměřice.

The entire Tuchoměřice site is connected to many autonomous electronic security systems which operate continuously. For the warehousing of high value goods, such as luxury cosmetics etc., there are separate areas with stricter rules and controls, where so-called high-value cages are an important security feature.  This area of the warehouse is fenced from “floor to ceiling” and is only accessible by a dedicated team via designated access points.

All deliveries of high-value or theft-prone goods also carry a unique tracking code registered in the European Union’s Coding & Tracking system.

FM Logistic’s other Czech branch is located in Jirny, where customers have access to 20,000 m2 of space, a storage capacity of 32,000 pallets and staff specialised in handling in the automotive and retail industries, among others. Time is a key factor in automotive logistics. There is no room for delay or error. Goods are delivered to the factories in continuous operation, directly to the assembly lines. Any supply problems would halt or disrupt the entire production process. That’s why collaboration must be just-in-time. This is made possible by linking FM Logistic’s operating systems with the customer’s systems to ensure instant communication.

Time is also a key factor in the overnight shipments that take place from the warehouse in Jirny. Shipments are dispatched to the retail chains so that the goods are available in time for the opening of the stores.

The Czech Republic is currently an important location in Europe-wide transport. FM Logistic helps companies to fully exploit this logistical potential and offers its customers tailor-made solutions to enable them to develop their business in the best possible way.

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