Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A quick response to changes

An effective supply chain is an individual plan to achieve our customers business goals. We understand this and have been an effective logistic partner in Poland for over 20 years. Dynamically responding to changes, we use market fluctuations that are always an opportunity for FM Logistic and allow us to prove our competences in truly demanding situations.



Aim for best performance

In line with your distribution and advertising strategy, FM is the way forward for optimising your logistical model. Your dedicated solution is based on reliable processes that guarantee a global quality of service.



FM Logistic and the manufacturers of luxury perfumes and cosmetics have something in common: excellence. Supporting the major names in the sector for over 20 years, the Group has a command of its specific features and high level of demand.



Demand the best from logistics

A specialist unit within FM Logistic, FM Health designs dedicated solutions for healthcare stakeholders. Sharing the same professional culture and the same standards, the solutions deployed meet the most demanding criteria for quality.



We co-create positive experiences of your clients

The FM Logistic Group has been providing full logistic support for multi-channel sales since 2009, including online sales (e-Commerce). We prepare 900,000 daily shipments and the service of the electronic sales sector accounts for 10% of the FM Logistic Group's turnover.




Transform your logistics into a competitive asset

"As the market and the needs have evolved over the last ten years, we have had our strategy evaluated by focusing particularly on direct links from our production centres in Asia. FM Logistic then became a partner on whom we could really rely, open to negotiation and always on the look-out for winning solutions. "

Thierry Lescuyer-Chavasse
International Logistics Director at Technicolor