Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A quick response to changes

An effective supply chain is an individual plan to achieve our customers business goals. We understand this and have been an effective logistic partner in Poland for over 20 years. Dynamically responding to changes, we use market fluctuations that are always an opportunity for FM Logistic and allow us to prove our competences in truly demanding situations.

Comprehensive service, responsibility for the entire logistics operation, perfect and precise organization of all process stages, supported by the highest quality and annual optimization of costs - is an offer that distinguishes us on the market.

Our clients appreciate the FM Logistic standard - advanced technologies, continuous improvement of productivity and, what is very important, the safety of their products at every stage of the logistics chain.


FM Fresh

Supply chain optimization

Fresh and frozen products are extremely sensitive to changes in physical and chemical factors, which is why it is particularly important to care about the precise implementation of logistics and distribution processes.

High standards are the norm for us

Time frames with 15 minutes of tolerance, support for six product groups in various temperature ranges, meticulous quality and quantity control are all  requirements of retail chains, which have become our standard. We have used modern technologies currently used in the transport of fresh and frozen products in order to meet the expectations of the modern market. These include two-chamber cold stores, enabling transport of products requiring different temperature ranges. The absolute value of the temperature we can obtain between the chambers reaches even 50 degrees Celsius.

Two-chamber semitrailers mean better optimization of deliveries, more efficient use of the load area, and hence, fewer vehicles in road traffic and reduction of exhaust emissions to the environment.   

Pooling - consolidation of supplies

Combining supplies from different manufacturers to one customer is one of our ideas for optimizing costs and delivery time. Using the same distribution warehouse and a common group of recipients enables our clients to save time and money. Consolidation of deliveries means shorter unloading times, the possibility of more frequent deliveries, less stock replenishment, maximum vehicle loading, lower fuel consumption, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Integration of many distribution channels

We seek, discover and implement new solutions for our Polish and international retail chain customers allowing us to constantly develop, overtake the market and be its leader. The integration of many distribution channels is a modern necessity, the next step that brings our customers closer to achieving ambitious business goals. As an integrator between manufacturers and retail chains, we plan, implement and optimize the supply chain of our customers guaranteeing the highest quality and timely deliveries.