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La logique des transports urbain


Logistic strength at the service of your marketing strategy.

FM Logistic offers “end to end” solutions which meet the specific requirements of the different cosmetic distribution circuits: supermarkets, non-pharmaceutical chemist’s, specialist stores, integrated or selective networks.

Multiple distribution channels, unit pickups, management of business peaks, international distribution and transport: our dedicated solutions for the beauty industry guarantee perfect execution and total visibility in the logistics of launches, promotions and product spotlighting, in Europe, Russia, China and Brazil.

Benefits & Services

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Optimise your international development dynamic

Our dedicated solutions support your development dynamic at international level. These qualitative services ensure secure management of products throughout the logistics chain. They meet the needs of cross-channel distribution strategies and the promotional dynamic, while optimising the timeframe for getting the product to the market.

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A safe and consistent environment, in all circumstances

The handling of luxury cosmetic products and those with selective distribution demands great rigour and respect for the strictest safety and security standards: management of hazardous substances, anti-fire standards, controlled access and anti-intrusion systems, rigorous selection and management of staff.

FM Logistic implements a very demanding world plan for its clients, which guarantees the quality of operations and the safety of products in all its facilities.

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Multiple circuits, one single supply chain

Taking advantage of all possible synergies between your distribution circuits, FM Logistic implements a structure that pools B2B and B2C flows. It also respects your brand commitment across each of your distribution circuits and in all of your areas. Processes and resources are optimised right along the logistics chain.
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Yves Rocher's testimony

  • "To date we have run three projects together, and with every new one we have dealt with a motivated and efficient project team with respect for deadlines and implementation costs.

    In addition, support is not an empty promise with FM Logistic. The project team guided us right up to finished, tested, validated and, above all, documented delivery.

    Finally, and this is the most important aspect of all, we wanted a partner undergoing a continual process of improvement who did not just reproduce the know-how that Yves Rocher already had. We found this with FM Logistic. "

    Philippe Goffette, Directeur support metier distribution du Groupe Yves Rocher