Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Sustainable development

Sustainable development means upholding standards of our actions in the long-term perspective. The international structure has always given direction and it has been a vision, which the founders of the company put in the FM Logistic’s DNA.

The objective of FM Group has always been to satisfy the needs of employees, customers, shareholders, partners, suppliers and the society and to do it in an environmentally friendly way. Sustainable development has become the priority of FM Logistic, who supported this culture. In order to better streamline this approach and adapt it to our Strategy 2022, FM Logistic prepared a sustainable development plan based on three streams of priorities.

3 streams of priorities

Care for our employees


  • Ensuring safe and fair working conditions
  • Enhancing employee competences
  • Creating a culture of cooperation

Our ambitions

  • Becoming a high-quality employer recognised all over the world

Reducing the impact of our activity on the environment


  • Aim: neutral character of logistic activities
  • Contributing to limiting the negative influence of transport

Our ambitions

  • Neutral construction until 2030 and a reduced negative influence of transport

Development of sustainable supply chain services


  • Helping our customers to create a sustainable supply chain
  • Sharing the principles of sustainable growth with our suppliers
  • Supporting sustainable innovation through cooperation with our partners

Our ambitions

  • Sustainable offer in every activity area of the Group

Management systems

FM Logistic bases its approach to sustainable development on a three-tier management system implemented throughout the company, countries and logistic activity areas. The executive management of the company must prepare optimal standards for all. However, every country and workplace has the biggest autonomy to comply with local regulations and conditions and to satisfy the needs of local customers. From Brazil to China and through the whole Europe, the FM Logistic teams apply the QHSE policy, the objective of which is communicated among all the employees: operational excellence, customer satisfaction, constant development etc.

Certificates of our countries

The FM Logistic’s QHSE policy is based on compliance with regulations, on preventing threats and on constant development. Its implementation method is put forward in a set of reference principles and tools and is being presented during on-going employee training sessions.

The system applied by FM Logistic observes high standards of hygiene, safety, traceability, handling of hazardous materials and best practices used in a given industry. If required, the workplaces are certified, so our customers can be sure that their products are handled safely and securely in a regulatory environment, at every stage of the supply chain in every country.

As the main pillar of the organisation, the FM Logistic management system is based on a process that ensures the homogeneity and safety of the organisation through the application of known and obligatory rules. The best practices created are then implemented in every country under consideration of local factors.

FM Logistic Quality Policy in Poland

  • Our overall objective is to become the best operator on the market. As a proactive expert in the field, we desire to recommend and offer to our customers complex solutions in the whole value chain. We strive to carry out services concerning the products of our customers on the highest possible and constant level.