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La logique des transports urbain

Groupage transport

As part of our groupage services, we deliver general cargo shipments of 1 to 33 pallets, enabling the client to pay only for the space used rather than the whole truck. We collect and deliver shipments to indicated destinations at indicated times.

A full load of benefits

- Distribution processes tailored to customer requirements

- Timely deliveries

- A wide range of additional services

Our assets

Distribution processes tailored to customer requirements

Due to the variety of groupage goods, small and irregular load sizes, as well as dispersed collection points, the shipment offer must be tailored to individual needs. As an experienced logistics operator, we have the necessary expertise in centralised transportation management and cost optimisation. We carry out shipments in AAB and AC delivery modes. We deliver goods to warehouses, wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, shops, and private consignees. We have flexible client communication tools: a web portal and client interfaces. We are also well versed in good practices used by retail chains. All this allows us to meet even the most sophisticated transport needs of our clients in terms of general cargo. We have a dedicated regional sales team to design tailor-made offers.

Always on time

We realise how important timely delivery is for your business. That is why we constantly invest in the development of a network of regular transport connections and new reloading and warehousing facilities. We have the appropriate infrastructure in Central Europe, including 17 logistics platforms and 27 reloading hubs. Our fleet consists of approx. 3,000 vehicles, ready to transport various types of cargo, including fresh goods and pharmaceutical products. In this way, we shorten the time needed to redirect shipments to specific destinations. We are also able to combine loads using larger and more efficient means of transport. This is how we ensure that general cargo entrusted to us reaches the consignee on time. We provide timely return of documents confirming delivery. We also manage delivery notification in retail chains – we have dedicated delivery time windows.

And much more

In order to meet the expectations of our clients and ensure the best quality of service, we also offer a number of non-standard additional services, such as:

- pallet management (collection of empty pallets)

- real time electronic delivery tracking via a website (POD)

- comprehensive customer service – one point of contact, a permanent team

- dedicated Key Account Managers for our larger clients

- assistance in the selection of optimal logistic solutions



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