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New report lays out three scenarios for the future of logistics


The three scenarios have been based on industry insights analysis, existing reference sources, and in-depth interviews with FM Logistic experts, whereupon 3 potential world conditions were defined on the basis of in-house expert opinions of 4CF specialists:

  • A ​hi-tech world,​ the majority of 2020 problems resolved thanks to extraordinary technological progress. It is a vision of the world that assumes a close connection between production and logistics. The services available to logistics providers will be highly specialized.
  • A ​“zero growth” world, the economy and society subordinated to combating climate change. This world shows the role that activities in the field of sustainable development and social capital will have on the economy, including logistics operators. Thanks to zero-emission transport systems, logistics will play a decisive role in the development of green cities and enable companies to achieve climate neutrality.
  • A ​world where the level of international cooperation is insufficient to successfully develop and solve essential global problems. This world is a vision of concentration of logistics in the hands of the strongest players, whose advantage will be obtaining the appropriate environmental and operational certificates and licenses. Until 2040, logistics companies will operate on the basis of concessions, thanks to which only the largest entities will be able to offer access to all distribution channels and e-commerce

In all three scenarios presented, the logistics market differs greatly from what we know now ​‒ the time gap a mere 20 years. Scenarios contained in the “Logistics 2040” report are a vista of the world of the future ​‒ by no means an attempt to offer all answers. Instead, they ought to intrigue readers, encouraging them to ask new and formerly unfathomable questions.

“L​ogistics play a role in practically all market sectors, its development well-nigh tantamount to change in numerous other areas wherein logistics remains an essential part of business operations and the business model. We would like the “Logistics 2040” report to become a challenge for all previous assumptions, food for thought concerning the future of commerce and logistics, and inspiration behind a quest for innovative future solutions,” s​aid ​Daniel Franke, Managing Director at FM Logistic CE.

Logistics scenarios presented in the “Logistics 2040” report should not be interpreted as forecasts. They are variations of the future ​‒ the greatest challenge of all for logistics operators and their clients. They are versions of the future world, requiring huge investment, courageous changes to business models, efforts to establish or foster strategic partnerships, securing new competencies, and continuous development.

The “​ Logistics 2040”​report is available online at: l​ink