Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


FM Logistic: a company based on values resulting from respect for relationships between individuals.

Giving meaning to what we do, doing what we say, creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace and many other aspects that develop a sense of pride and belonging in the company's employees.

Nurturing these values also means upholding demanding standards.

Strong human and entrepreneurial values to be put across.

From preceding generations, FM Logistic has inherited a culture, values and requirements with regard to the 'skills' and conduct for day-to-day life within the company. Promoting these values contributes to the company's performance thanks to motivated men and women by providing them with a better working atmosphere and developing the feelings of loyalty and belonging to a group. Maintaining these values also allows us to be demanding.

The attitudes and behaviours of managers and staff are set out by means of values arising from respect for personal relationships.

The company's culture based on 3 values of work and mutual success


Every employee is important and deserves respect, attention and kindness. Trusted people can do their best, find new energy for action, work together and alone. Trust is the foundation of lasting relationships within the company, as well as with clients and partners. This is the basic principle that is developed over time.


The long-term ambition of the company is to maintain customer satisfaction and a high level of results. This result was achieved by striving for the highest possible quality, safety and continuous improvement. Our employees are the key to achieving goals through their benefits, collective commitment and a sense of responsibility.


In a constantly changing world, the company must constantly develop and modernize to provide its customers with the best services. Openness allows you to question existing procedures by listening to all parties involved. This value creates a win-win relationship in the spirit of partnership, allowing employees to show initiative and creativity.

The FM Foundation

For Its 50th anniversary, the FM Group has decided to reinforce its social responsibility by creating the Company Foundation.

The FM Foundation has for object to support, to accompany and to co-build social innovation projects, impulsed and led by the employees of the Group, in the areas of insertion and childhood.

It favors projects of general interest located near its current or future sites.

The FM Foundation encourages the sponsorship of skills of its employees to increase the social/societal impact of projects which it supports.